Women's Concealed Carry Shoulder Purse Red White Blue American Flag Design

Regular price $ 95.99

Accented with stars and stripes on the bag, with 4 studs on the bottom. A single compartment purse divided by a medium zippered pocket. A zippered pocket on the back to conceal the handgun, and a zippered pocket on the inside back and 2 open pockets on the inside front. Cute purse has rhinestone accents, stars, stripes and pretty much all the pizazz you want - all the essentials you need in a handbag, and add the concealed carry and you are in business. Bag has the zipper on the back for your weapon. It also has a pocket on the back in the same fabric as the purse. Inside closes with a zippered top, and has a zippered compartment in the middle. You also have some pockets on the inside to store items as well.

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