Premium Modern Magnifying Glass Buffalo Bone Convex Circular Base

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Premium Modern Magnifying Glass Buffalo Bone Circular Base for Map Reading|Jewelry|Watch & Computer Repair with 3X Magnification

Finding a gift for grandpa or dad will be easy this year. This beautifully crafted buffalo bone
magnifier is not only striking to look at but it functional as well making small print up to three
times larger for ease of reading. No need to break out the reading glasses when you have
one of these on your desk. Not only is it great to use for enlarging print it can be used for
many more things such as watch making or repair, computer repair, beading jewelry,
enlarging tiny specification on blueprints or contracts, map reading, insect observation,
science experiment observations, enlarging precious gems and minerals, threading a needle
and detective or CSI costume prop for a movie set.

All Natural Materials
Sturdy Construction
Three Times Magnification
Unique Design

Make sure you get this beautifully crafted Magnifying Glass as a gift for this coming fathers day, grandparents day, mothers day, boss day, or birthday. It would make a wonderful gift for the student, teacher, detective, explorer, sleuth, geologist, seamstress, botanist, entomologist, archaeologist, professor, or engineer in your life.

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